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How to Work With Natural Food Distributor

How to Work With Natural Food Distributor

Working with a natural food distributor would mean collaborating and assisting your distributor. You help to make their work easier by cooperating and being easy to work with. There are so many ways with which you can work with your distributor. As stated earlier, one of those ways is by assisting.

Assist your distributor by:

  • Proving that your product will make sales. Sometimes, natural food distributors need evidence to show that when they start distributing your natural food products, they’ll make sales. The manufacturer has to prove to the distributors how valid the product is because, for each product that is being sold, there are ten to a hundred types of the same product. For a manufacturer to prove their would make sales, they might have to sell to retailers and wholesalers directly for a while. If the manufacturer can make sales steadily, you may retain this distributor to work with you.


  • Cultivating great customer relationships: Distributors want long-lasting relationships with their suppliers, even after sales. A good relationship goes both ways. Distributors will keep buying from suppliers who pose little or no problems and assist when they can.


  • Be market-ready. A lot of manufacturers are not usually market-ready even when they think they are. Manufacturers must resolve issues ranging from attractive packaging to products shipment. According to Joseph Coen, President of ASKCO Marketing services in Kure Beach, “Most new manufacturers aren’t prepared to go to market.” Asides packaging and sorting of shipment methods, manufacturers must also work at setting their product prices to amount that their consumers will pay for and would still bring in a profit for the middlemen; the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers not forgetting the manufacturers themselves.


  • Create demand. To work with a natural food distributor, you must prove that your product is valuable and would be providing solutions to the consumers. It is not the distributor, wholesaler, or retailer that creates demand. It is the manufacturer.

The manufacturer should be able to make consumers want to buy their products. Creating demand can be done by doing advertising campaigns with flyers, signs, brochures, etc. The manufacturer must be able to create a gap in the consumers’ want list that only the product can fill. When there is a demand, it would be easy for distributors to supply to the customer.

  • Ask questions. Some natural food manufacturers do not know how or where to find a natural food distributor. Some do not know how to approach distributors on product distribution. To find distributors that would likely work with you, ask for referrals from other manufacturers. Ask them to recommend natural food distributors who can work well with you and your products. Also, seek out distributors who sell to the geographic location you’re targeting. It would be easy to work with these kinds of distributors.
Natural Snack Food Distributors

Natural Snack Food Distributors

Natural snack foods are snacks that are organic and loaded with important nutrients necessary for prime health. They provide minerals and vitamins needed for optimal health. They are foods free of any chemicals, preservatives, and additives, and are unprocessed most times. When they’re processed, they’re usuall converted to another long-lasting form.

Unlike processed foods, natural snacks are not harmful to the body. Instead, they increase the quality of life when eaten daily.

Advantages Of Natural Snack Foods

  • They are good for the skin. Snack foods like avocados, coconut have been proven to improve skin health.
  • They cost less and contain a minimal amount of calories.
  • They help reduce disease risks. Fruits and vegetables help to reduce the risk of having heart and cancer diseases.

Finding a food distribution service catering to the distribution of only natural snacks is rare. Selling these kinds of food alone would not bring in enough revenue to run a distribution company. Only smaller shops or stores can depend on selling natural food snacks.

Below is a list of reputable Natural Snack Food Distributors in the United States.


UNFI specializes in organic, natural, and specialty products. UNFI distributes different kinds of food products, including natural snack foods. With locations in several parts of the country, UNFI can supply to over forty thousand retail customers and suppliers across the country.

US Foods

US Foods is the largest food distributor in the United States of America. It is a conglomerate of different brands that provide different food service. They have thousands of employees across the country. They have tools and resources that are readily available to help their partners and customers. The company makes an average of nine hundred thousand deliveries in the country.

Also, it has over three hundred and fifty thousand products in stock that is delivered to more than three hundred thousand customers. US Foods distribution is not limited to natural snack foods distribution. They also supply prepared foods, baked products, disposable and cleaning supplies, Asian cuisines, different coffee flavors; grinds and blends, Italian cuisine, beverages, fresh farm produce, varied and meats, and chops.


Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States. It is the largest retailer in the world. The company was founded in 1969 in Rogers, Arkansas by Sam Walton and was incorporated on the 31st of October, 1969. Walmart operates a chain of discount department stores, hypermarkets, and grocery stores.

The company has numerous subsidiary companies, and some of them are; Walmart Canada, Bodega Aurerra, Asda stores, Sam club, and more. The company is also the top private employer in the world, with over 2.2 Million employees.

Walmart is a company that’s involved in the distribution of various products and services. Different departments are catering to the delivery and provision of these products and services. The food department caters for the distribution of natural snack foods to customers.

Natural Food for Energy

Natural Food for Energy

Natural Energy Foods are foods that bolster the consumer’s energy level when consumed. Although all-natural foods give energy, not all-natural foods can increase energy levels. At times, when the body is weak and tired, energy food can help increase your awareness, help you maintain your focus, and also bolster your energy levels throughout the day.

Below are some Natural Energy Foods:

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a natural food that gives energy. It is high in manganese. Manganese provides energy by breaking down nutrients that help in producing energy. Sweet potato is a rich source of energy. It contains fiber and complex carbohydrates, which the body digests slowly. One medium-sized sweet potato can contain 3.8 grams of fiber, 23 grams of carbohydrates, 28% of the RDI for manganese, and 438% of RDI for Vitamin A.


Coffee has been known to be an energy booster. Coffee, when taken, has stimulatory effects that make the body active and alert. It is rich in caffeine, which triggers the activity of the adenosine (the adenosine works with the activity of the central nervous system). In response to the trigger, epinephrine production increases, and the hormone stimulates the activity of the brain and the body.


Avocado is on the list because of its numerous health benefits. It is often labeled a superfood. Avocado is rich in fiber and healthy fats. The healthy fats in an avocado come from poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids. These fats enhance nutrients absorption and increase optimal blood fat levels. Avocados are also high in Vitamin B, which is needed for the mitochondria, where energy cells are produced to function.


Eggs contain high protein nutrients, which is a steady source of energy because it does not cause an increase in insulin and blood sugar when consumed. Eggs contain leucine, which is an amino acid that activates energy production in numerous ways. Eggs do not only immensely satisfy when consumed, but they can also fuel the body with energy all day.


60% of the body weight is water. Water is essential for living. One can live without certain foods, but survival without water is strange. Not drinking enough water would lead to exhaustion and dehydration. However, when you take water, it fights off exhaustion and tiredness. Most people take water only when they’re thirsty. At least, three liters of water should be consumed every day to avoid dehydration.


Banana is one of the best natural foods for energy. It is a fruit with a high source of potassium, carbohydrates, and vitamin B6, which are nutrients that boost energy in the body. The energy nutrients in one banana are equivalent to the energy nutrients in a carbohydrate energy drink.

Natural Food Market

Natural Food Market

Food markets are market places or stores where food products are sold. Some food markets operate periodically in selected days of the week. In food markets, different types of foods are sold. While some vendors sell processed food, others sell fresh food produce.

The major line of business in these stores/markets is the sales of food products, most especially fresh food products; hence, the name, greengrocers.

Grocery stores and greengrocers are unique food markets that are they only sell food produce. Food markets can be subsidiary markets. They can be a part of a bigger store just like we can have grocery stores and food departments in supermarkets and hypermarkets.

However, food markets are becoming more shunned every day because a large percentage of the country’s population lives in Metropolis.

The ever increasing spike in urban population has led to an increase in demand for resources, economic activities, land use for housing, and employment creation. This leads to less land use for farming activities. Year in year out, urban center population increases, people keep moving in. Thus, there’s the need to cater for the ever-increasing population.

Greengrocers, convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and grocery stores are the main suppliers of foodstuffs and supplies to urban populations. The demand for land use for economic activities has reduced the portion for farming activities.

Therefore, a decrease in farming activities would lead to a decrease in natural farm markets. Farming activities in recent times have been relegated to rural centers. Farm markets are more common in rural areas or places with lesser populations

Food markets in the USA are:

McCaffrey Food Market: McCaffrey is a supermarket that specializes in varieties of perishable goods of top quality. It recently announced the opening of a new division of the store at New Hope.

Kings Food Market: Kings Food market is a natural food market supplier. It is a food market chain with headquarters in Parsipanny, New Jersey. The market has stores in Connecticut, Northern New Jersey, and New York. The market supplies foods, meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, and more to grocery stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets.

Asian Food Market: Previously named Asian Food Center, the Asian Food Market at its inception had one vision, which was to cater to customers looking to get Asian groceries in New Jersey. Today, however, the vision has widened. They now offer fresh food produce, fresh ingredients, hot foods, and different kinds of Asian foods and ingredients.

Snack Distribution Center

Snack Distribution Center

Snack distribution centers are distribution centers that supply snacks. Finding a distribution center that distributes only snacks can prove to be difficult. Snacks distribution is usually overseen by food distribution centers. Snacks are part of the products they supply to their customers.

Here goes nothing!

  • Mister Snacks

Mister Snacks is a healthy snack distribution service that has been in existence for over thirty years. The company is located in Buffalo, New York. They sell both nationally and internationally under the name Sunbird Snacks and Mountain Snacks. Mister Snacks has snacks for every taste with no added sugar or salt. Their product categories include chocolate and yogurts, trail mixes, candies, gift assortments, healthy snacks and nuts, and all fruits.

  • Blair Candy Co Inc

Blair candy is located in Beale Ave, Altoona, Pennsylvania. It is a family-owned company and has been operating for more than seventy-five years. The company offers ice cream, lollipop, snacks gummy, cracker, tobacco, bulk peanuts, chips, candy, mint, gummy, restaurant supplies, paper bar, and more. They sell varieties of snacks like jerkies, cookies, chips, and other snacks.

The company does not only distribute snacks, but they also distribute candy. Blair Candy Company provides distribution services for customers only in Pennsylvania.

  • Truly Good Foods TGF

Truly Good Foods was founded by Jerry and Betty York in 1977. It is now run by Carolyn Bennett and Angela Bauer, the two daughters of the founder, and John Bauer, who is Angela Bauer’s husband. Truly Good Foods is certified in the Women-Owned Small Business Program (WOSB) and Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC).

TGF has seven storage facilities that are located strategically. Unlike Blair Candy Co, Truly Good Foods provides services nationwide with sales and distribution offices in Orlando, Memphis, Charlotte, Reno, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Dallas.

The company distributes more than three thousand products to different customers and also provide fast customer service by shipping orders within 24 hours.

  • PepsiCo

Pepsi company is known all over the world because of the popular soft drinks they produce. The company’s production is not limited to soft drinks. They engage in the distribution of other goods as well.

  • Walmart Distribution Center Network

Walmart’s distribution network and retail stores are one of the biggest, if not the biggest in all of the United States. The distribution network of Walmart is not geographically limited to the USA alone.

Walmart has stores in different countries of the world. Walmart distribution centers are numerous, and they vary based on the type of products distributed and the state or city the products would be shipped to. There are food distribution centers, fashion distribution centers, redistribution centers, and more.

Their food distribution centers see to the distribution of different types of foods, which include snacks. Walmart currently has forty-four active food distribution center facilities across the country and in other countries.

How to Select a Snack Distributor

How to Select a Snack Distributor

Selecting a snack distributor means choosing a distributor who specializes in selling snacks to wholesalers and retailers alike. In selecting a distributor, a supplier or manufacturer must be careful not to choose a distributor who would not function as expected. Good snack distributors would fill orders accurately and quickly and also help build a market for your business. Get a snack distributor who sells similar but non-competing products and also has easy access to your target market.

To get a distributor you might have to attend trade shows.

Particularly, attend trade shows involving your industry. A trade show is an exhibition where companies belonging to the same industry would showcase their new products and services to build awareness, nurse prospects, generate leads, and more.

At the show, meet with prospective snack distributors, exchange contacts, or collect business cards. After the show, you may follow up. Trade shows are one of the perfect places to identify and network with firms and people you might have business dealings with in the future.

Moreover, knowing your target audience would give you better chances of selecting a good snack distributor. Having adequate knowledge of your target audience is important. It is almost as important as the details put into the snack production process.

For new snack distributors, it might take a lot of time and research before you identify your target audience. However, once you’ve been able to identify them, you’d be able to market in the most effective way possible by focusing your marketing tactics squarely on your audience. Knowing your target audience helps you know what your consumer needs and allows you to meet those needs. The knowledge of your target audience you have, would, in turn, help you select a distributor they can best serve their needs. It will help you save the cost of trying out different snack distributors.

When looking for a distributor to select, if your product is already being sold directly to retailers and consumers, you can go to your retailers and check for products similar to yours. If they find, ask who the distributors of the product are. Once known, you can contact them to ask a few questions. If they meet your standards, you can now strike a deal with them right away.

Lastly, snacks are speciality food items. Snacks are not seafood; only a few snacks are stocked in their natural forms. Therefore, packaging, storage, and distributing of these snack products take special effort.

It would be right to select a speciality distributor with a niche in the kind of snacks you produce. Though speciality distributors may be more expensive than normal distributors, and they may have stricter regulations and guidelines that manufacturers must adhere to. Nonetheless, working with a speciality distributor would still be a big advantage to snack distributors.

Candy Distributors Near Me

Candy Distributors Near Me

Advantage Of location to Candy Distributors

Location is essential in establishing a business. It determines how well customers will have access to the business. If the business is located in a place that’s far from the region it hopes to serve or far from the target audience; it will discourage customers from patronizing such business. Research has shown that the location of a business plays huge role in its success.

For large businesses, a location might not be significant because the business is established already. However, for small businesses, location is essential. Location determines if the business would make profits or loss and if it would last or not.

How to locate candy distributors nearby

To locate candy distributors, you might have to consult other distributors in the area. Businesses tend to watch out for other businesses either to collaborate with them or for the sake of just watching out for their businesses.

They also keep up with other businesses. That way, when a business that would pose as competition comes up, they’d be able to increase their business standard to meet up with the competitors. So, to find nearby candy distributors, you can ask for recommendations from other distributors in the area.

Asking for recommendations from distributors who sell similar products would make the chances of you receiving a positive response higher. You could ask a different kind of food distributors.

You can also make enquiries at retail stores, convenience stores, and restaurants close to you. These retail stores deal with different kinds of items, including food items. Candy is a food item, which means they’d have a food or candy distributor selling the items to them.

Make enquiries politely and ask the retail shop owners or workers if they can tell you who their food distributor is and how to contact them. You can ask them how to reach their food distributor if the distributor is also their candy distributor. However, if their food and candy distributors are different distributors, then your focus should be on their candy distributor and not necessarily the food distributor.

Conclusively, when searching for a candy distributor near you, do not select a distributor who could pose a problem to your business. Take time to study your options and choose a distributor you have a connection with, someone you can work with.

To know candy distributors you can work with, when you come in contact with them, ask them questions about the geography/region they cover. Are the regions close to your location or not? If they do not supply any location near you, it would be helpful to find another distributor. Also, ask if the distributor has handled similar products like yours to know if they’re experienced enough to handle your products.

Healthy Snack Food Alternative

Healthy Snack Food Alternative

The word “healthy” is relative. To some people, being healthy could mean being physically fit. To some, it could mean being strong and active. To some, it could mean being robust and to some healthy could mean all-round wellness. That is when no part of the body is diseased.

Healthy Snacks alternatives are snacks that have no adverse effect on the body system when eaten. Healthy snacks are snacks that are low in harmful nutrients like sugar, salt, and fat. Healthy snacks are high in nutrients that help improve the body system such as protein, fiber and good fat. Not all snacks that are high in fat are harmful. Some help keep the body healthy by reducing appetites.

Examples Of Healthy Snacks:

  • Greek Yoghurt and Mixed Berries

Greek Yoghurt has many health benefits. It is an excellent source of a lot of nutrients, including probiotics, protein, and calcium. The protein provides energy and helps in controlling appetite. Calcium helps to improve bone health. And probiotics are healthy bacteria that help reduce stomach complications like diarrhea and also boost the immune system.

Berries contain anti-oxidants. When eaten with Berries, it makes for snacks filled with excess nutrients Combining 100grams of plain or full-fat Yoghurt with 50 grams of mixed Berries contains about 150 calories and 10 grams of protein.

  • Dark Chocolate and Almond

There are many perks to eating dark chocolates. Dark chocolate contains a lot of healthy fat, and research has shown that consuming diets with a lot of healthy fats can stimulate your metabolism to burn calories by reducing cravings and controlling appetite. It also reduces the risk of heart disease and stabilizes blood sugar, amongst other benefits.

The dark chocolate to be consumed must contain at least 70% of cocoa solids, and not more than one ounce must be consumed in a day. Almonds also contain heart-healthy fats and help in weight loss by reducing appetite. One ounce of each would contain about 300 calories depending on cocoa content.

  • Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs are common weight loss snacks and also one of the healthiest. Eggs have high cholesterol content. However, recent research has shown that moderate egg intake doesn’t affect the risk of having a heart disease. Three large boiled eggs contain 20grams and of protein and about 200 calories. Hard-boiled eggs are very filling. Thus they reduce your chances of weight gain by reducing your appetite.

  • Beef Sticks Or Healthy Beef Jerky

Beef sticks or beef jerky are high protein portable snacks. Beef sticks are made from different ingredients and are of different types. Some have sugar and preservatives in them, while others are made from low-quality meats and diverse ingredients. Healthy beef jerkies are the ones made from grass-fed cattle with little ingredients added to it. Some beef jerkies per ounce contain 7grams of protein.

What are some Healthy Snack Foods

What are some Healthy Snack Foods

What Are Healthy Foods?

Healthy foods are foods that contain nutrients needed to maintain and sustain your body’s growth and development. The key nutrients needed in a balanced diet are; carbohydrate, protein, fat and oil, vitamins, minerals, and water. Recently, there’s been a rise in the demand for healthy snack foods. This is because nutritionists, health experts, and medical practitioners have made it a duty to educate people on the dangers of processed foods continually.

Processed foods also are known as ready-made foods and junks. Although made from natural products, they usually contain little or no nutritional value because all the nutrients would have been stripped away while it is processed.

These junk food items are high in calories and usually lack the nutrition that the body needs. Many processed products are made up of excess and harmful nutrients like sugar, salt, and saturated fat.

Are Fats Bad?

Some people have the misconception that all fats are unhealthy. This claim is not valid. Not all fats are unhealthy. There are good and bad fats. Good fats are suitable for the body. They are an essential source of energy. They help in muscle movement, blood clotting, cell membrane build up and also reduce inflammation. Avocados and nuts are examples of snack foods with healthy fat. They are both high in fat. They contain essential mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats.

While mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats are healthy sources of fats, trans fats and saturated fats are examples of unhealthy fats. Saturated fats can be found in whole milk, red meats, cheese, and coconut oil, while trans fat can be found in baked foods made with partially hydrogenated oils. Consuming snack foods containing unhealthy amounts of fas can cause artery blockage and inflammation.

These can, in turn, lead to chronic health conditions like stroke and heart diseases. This is why doctors advise older individuals to abstain from consuming junk food and snacks.

Are Carbs Healthy?

Just like fat, there are healthy and unhealthy snacks. Unlike fat, however, carbs are healthy when eaten in moderation. Healthy carbs, when eaten in moderation, can help promote weight loss. Chickpea, edamame, corn, brown rice, oats, cauliflower broccoli, and others are examples of healthy carbs. Unhealthy carbs are carbs found in processed foods. Cookies, pasta, cereals, pretzels, confectioneries are processed snacks, and they contain unhealthy fats.

Examples of healthy snacks are different varieties of fruits, Yoghurt and granola, vegetables, cottage cheese with flaxseed and cinnamon, red Bell pepper with guacamole, hard-boiled eggs, apple slices with peanut butter, cucumber slices with hummus and more.

One can still lead a healthy life despite the heavy presence of processed foods all around. Consuming healthy Snack foods might not look important now, but it importance increases with age.

How to be a Natural Snack Distributor

How to be a Natural Snack Distributor

Becoming a successful snack distributor requires an understanding of the snack industry and adequate start-up capital. Snacks are light meals eaten before or between meals. They sometimes serve as food

The snack and candy industry is vast. There are numerous types of candies and snacks that are being produced.   There are natural snacks and manufactured snacks. Natural snacks can be preserved, dried, canned, or frozen. In contrast, manufactured snacks are produced in varieties and come in different flavors, textures, colors, and sizes.

Examples include drinks, natural snacks like; fruits, vegetables(e.g., baby carrots). Confectioneries like candies and chocolates. Savory snacks like cheese, chips, pretzel, bagels, bacon, batter, and Dough based foods like; cereal, pizza, crepe, and nuts.


  1. To become a successful natural snacks distributor, you must maintain a Secure and Clean Storage Facility and Ready Transportation Service.

Most Natural snacks are delicate and cannot last for an extended period. Therefore, a natural snack distributor must ensure that the storage space is secure against insects and rodents contamination. It must be climate controlled.

Heat and rays of direct sunlight must not come in contact with the snacks because this can affect the snack packaging and the snacks. Heat is not the only condition that can affect the products. Excessive humidity and cold can also affect the products, which is why it must be climate controlled.

The vehicles that would be used to transport the goods must be able to keep the goods out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

Apply for a tax identification number for the snack distribution company and obtain all licenses necessary to ensure the company’s legal status and validity.


  1. Build Relationships With Natural Snacks Manufacturers and Suppliers

Having good relationships with the suppliers or manufacturers of the products you want to distribute is necessary. The basis of your business relationship with the supplier would depend on how good your unofficial relationship with them is. Determine the kind of natural snacks you’d like to distribute, apply for a dealership. When the dealership is gotten, you can commence business.


  1. Build Relationships With Natural Snacks Wholesaler

A distributor’s business does not only depend on the relationship with the supplier. Equally, it depends on the relationship with the wholesalers. Both relationships are essential because the distributor is the middle man. Find wholesalers you can distribute to, and make deals with them. As a distributor, you are not restricted to physical mortal and bricks wholesale centers. You can also distribute to online wholesalers.


  1. Seek Other Natural Snacks Distribution Opportunities

Asides wholesalers, other natural snack distribution opportunities include Sports stadium, convenience stores, colleges, laundromats, grocery stores, summer camps, event venues, food trucks, traveling vendors etc.