How to Work With Natural Food Distributor

How to Work With Natural Food Distributor

Working with a natural food distributor would mean collaborating and assisting your distributor. You help to make their work easier by cooperating and being easy to work with. There are so many ways with which you can work with your distributor. As stated earlier, one of those ways is by assisting.

Assist your distributor by:

  • Proving that your product will make sales. Sometimes, natural food distributors need evidence to show that when they start distributing your natural food products, they’ll make sales. The manufacturer has to prove to the distributors how valid the product is because, for each product that is being sold, there are ten to a hundred types of the same product. For a manufacturer to prove their would make sales, they might have to sell to retailers and wholesalers directly for a while. If the manufacturer can make sales steadily, you may retain this distributor to work with you.


  • Cultivating great customer relationships: Distributors want long-lasting relationships with their suppliers, even after sales. A good relationship goes both ways. Distributors will keep buying from suppliers who pose little or no problems and assist when they can.


  • Be market-ready. A lot of manufacturers are not usually market-ready even when they think they are. Manufacturers must resolve issues ranging from attractive packaging to products shipment. According to Joseph Coen, President of ASKCO Marketing services in Kure Beach, “Most new manufacturers aren’t prepared to go to market.” Asides packaging and sorting of shipment methods, manufacturers must also work at setting their product prices to amount that their consumers will pay for and would still bring in a profit for the middlemen; the distributors, wholesalers, and retailers not forgetting the manufacturers themselves.


  • Create demand. To work with a natural food distributor, you must prove that your product is valuable and would be providing solutions to the consumers. It is not the distributor, wholesaler, or retailer that creates demand. It is the manufacturer.

The manufacturer should be able to make consumers want to buy their products. Creating demand can be done by doing advertising campaigns with flyers, signs, brochures, etc. The manufacturer must be able to create a gap in the consumers’ want list that only the product can fill. When there is a demand, it would be easy for distributors to supply to the customer.

  • Ask questions. Some natural food manufacturers do not know how or where to find a natural food distributor. Some do not know how to approach distributors on product distribution. To find distributors that would likely work with you, ask for referrals from other manufacturers. Ask them to recommend natural food distributors who can work well with you and your products. Also, seek out distributors who sell to the geographic location you’re targeting. It would be easy to work with these kinds of distributors.